The Bad Grass is located north of the village of Hambry in the Barony of Mejis.

It is a place covered with a forest of poisonous grass so tall it makes navigating the area very difficult although Hash Renfrew is able to do so by using the stars at night as a guide. Susan Delgado hides in a house with a red door, which was said to be owned by the Old Soony, before she is captured by the Big Coffin Hunters and taken to the Mayor's House in Hambry.

In the Bad Grass​, by Roland's tet attacked Eldred Jonas' convoy in an attempt to get a piece of the Wizard's Rainbow. Roland quietly attacked the convoy's rearguard, who was in the group of about fourty people, while Roland was in a set of three. Many citizens of Hambry died in the Bad Grass in this confrontation, such as Hash Renfrew, Roy Depape and Eldred, who was killed by Roland himself.

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