The people of Mid-World understand that the world consists of four seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - however some places of Mid-World take this a step further by adapting the calendar cycle in different ways.

They also follow the year within a twelve month cycle.

Agricultural CalendarEdit

The residents of the Barony of New Canaan expanded the basic four seasons into seven different stages which match with the ancient agricultural calendar. These are Winter, Wide-Earth, Sowing, Mid-Summer, Full-Earth, Reaping and Years End. Each of these stages are marked by a Fair Day.

It appears that other places followed this calendar as well such as the village of Eluria.

Phases of the MoonEdit

In the Barony of Mejis a different calendar seems to be used, one that relies on the different phases of the moon. Not all the phases of the yearly cycle are known, known ones are:

  • The Kissing Moon - Mid-summer.
  • The Peddlers Moon -Late summer.
  • The Huntress Moon - Early autumn.
  • The Demon Moon - Late autumn and early winter.

Between the Huntress and Demon Moons the Reaptide Festival takes place, with the day after the festival being called Reap Morn symbolising the first day of winter.

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