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was the capital of the Barony of New Canaan and was ruled by the gunslinger descendants of Arthur Eld. Gilead fell to John Farson's forces when Roland Deschain was 16. It had a population of around 10,000 people with its major exports being apples, honey, milk and textiles. They have an outer wall which protects the city and an inner wall which protects the palace.

No doubt, as with much of Mid-World the people here know about and tell the tale of Lord Perth.

The ruling seat of Gilead conforms to the old forms of leadership with the elite gunslingers inheriting positions of power; unlike other baronies which are ruled by mayors and other elected officials.

Originally was a major city for the Old Ones, falling into ruins after the Great Cataclysm. However it remained a symbol of Mid-World's former fertility and glory and was one of the first places to start to recover after the cataclysm which is why Arthur Eld chose it as his city and became a symbol of hope to the people. (Read More...)

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