Edoacer Grissom
Blue Faced Barbarian King
John Grissom
Warrior General

Edoacer Grissom is the Warrior General of the Mineralen a Troitan tribe. He is called John Grissom in The Dark Tower: Gunslinger's Guidebook.

He is a large man with scraggly brown beard and piercing blue eyes and gained his position by fighting his rivals in hand-to-hand combat. Also like his predecessors he led several raids against Indrie but never managed to gain a hold within the city.


John Farson recruited him as an ally and Edoacer signed a treaty saying that they agreed to help Farson in overthrowing The Affiliation and that he was regarded the General of all the Troitan legions. With the aid of Farson the Barony of Cressia fell with Indrie burned to the ground.

Role in the Dark Tower SeriesEdit

The Fall of GileadEdit

He along side Farson and his army fight to overthrow Gilead.

The Battle of Jericho HillEdit

Edoacer tests out a giant laser that Head Technician Wurtz has managed to fix and he disintegrates a prisoner with it. Immediately after he is attacked by Roland Deschain and his Gunslingers, and the laser is destroyed. He however survives and fights with his son at the Battle of Jericho Hill.

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