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The second half of Evil Ground has Roland Deschain and his friends where they left off: running from the remaining Not-Men whose camp the group (Roland, Alain Johns, Cuthbert Allgood, Jamie De Curry, and Aileen Ritter) destroyed.

The group of Gunslingers, quickly gain ground and escape. The group then finds an abandoned temple and sleeps.

The five Gunslingers find themselves all dreaming the same dream. They are at a fancy party, and the group is all dressed up, as well as grown up. Only Roland realizes that this isn't the correct reality. He remembers running from the Not-Men. He tells the others this, but they don't really care: Jamie and Aileen are kissing, and Cuthbert is eating a chicken leg.

In the background, Roland sees a cowboy leaning up against a tree. As Roland approaches, the cowboy reveals that he is Roland's father. Steven tells Roland to wake up and escape death. Roland blows the Horn of Eld to wake himself up.

When Roland awakens, he tries to blow the Horn to wake the others. They are being fed on by ghouls. The Horn does not succeed to wake the others, but it summons fallen warriors, led by Arthur Eld. The warriors chase off the ghouls, and Arthur blows the Horn once more.

This wakes Roland up in his current reality: heading towards the Desatoya Mountains, where the events of The Little Sisters of Eluria are destined to take place.

Roland finds the Stone Circle he was laying near by, which has a sacraficed hobo on it's altar. Roland lays his hat on the hob's head, a sign of respect, and continues on to persue The Man in Black.


  • Although released under the title, 'The Gunslinger', Evil Ground doesn't take place during that novel, rather, before The Little Sisters of Eluria.
  • Robin Furth, in the afterward, gives us insight into this past we are seeing. It could be a mere dream, it could be Roland's real past, or a parellel past.
  • She goes on to say that it was her goal to create a story-within-a story-within-a story, just as Stephen King himself did with The Wind Through the Keyhole.

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