Magic is the ancient power which stems from the Prim. It can be used for many purposes and can even be used to construct magical artifacts.

Walter Padick says most people believe magic is the willful way people alter the spin of Ka's wheel, which affects the destinies of empires. He calls it stacking the Deck of Chance.


1st Principle: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

2nd Principle: Love is the law: love under will.

Magical ConstructsEdit

The magic of the Prim has been used to make many magical items, most of which were made by Maerlyn. The Dark Tower which rose from the Prim and the Beams are constructs of magic, but aren't man made.

Man-made magical artifacts include Maerlyn's Rainbow and The Laughing Mirror.


Kingson's Resurrection

Kingson's Resurrection

Magic can also be used to resurrect an individual. This is carried out by the person spitting into the mouth of the deceased individual, and it is noted by Walter that this can only be done soon after death.

This is seen to happen twice, the first time in The Gunslinger when Nort is resurrected and secondly in The Sorcerer when Kingson is resurrected.


Marten shows during the events of The Battle of Jericho Hill' that magic also gives you the ability to turn things into other forms. He does this by creating an illusion where a crow is changed to look like himself.

"Third Eye"Edit

Third Eye

Marten's "Third Eye"

The "Third Eye" seems to be the ability to talk to the demons of Maerlyn's Rainbow directly as well as see what they are doing. Walter learns of Gabrielle Deschain's death by doing this.


Magic can also be used to create doorways on any solid surface; they are used on numerous occasions by Walter to enter and leave Gilead at will. The doorway links to the desired location the person wishes to travel to and draws itself onto the closest solid surface so a person can walk straight through unhindered.

Marten drawing a Doorway

It is useful for getting out of trouble, which Walter does to evade arrest in Gilead.

Deck of ChanceEdit

The Deck of Chance is the card deck which Walter Padick wields. He uses it to predict future events such as during The Gunslinger when he palavers with Roland Deschain and reveals the cards of Eddie Dean, Susannah Dean, Jake Chambers, Jack Mort, Life and the Dark Tower.

Known Cards and their meanings include:

  • The Sailor - Jake Chambers and the rebellion of the people of Gilead.
  • The Lady of Shadows - Susannah Dean and Gabrielle Deschain
  • The Prisoner - Eddie Dean
  • Death - Jack Mort
  • Life
  • The Dark Tower - The Dark Tower itself.
  • Dominion - The ruling of the Gunslingers.
  • Ruin - The Fall of Gilead.
  • The Hanged Man - Possibly Charles Champignon
  • The Magician - Walter Padick
  • The Fool - Roland Deschain

Deck of Chance CardsEdit

The Sailor Dominion The Lady of Shadows Ruin
The Sailor
The Lady of Shadows
The Hanged Man The Magician The Fool The Tower
The Hanged Man
The Magician
The Fool
The Tower
The Prisoner
The Prisoner