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“Mordred's a-hungry.”
   — Mordred Deschain
Mordred Deschain
The Chap

Little Red King
Mordred Red-Heel
Mordred Son of Los

Mordred of Discordia
Roland Deschain (White Father)

Crimson King (Red Father)
Susannah Dean (Black Mother)

Mia (White Mother)

Mordred Deschain is the son of Roland Deschain (White Father), the Crimson King (Red Father), Susannah Dean, (Black Mother), and Mia (White Mother).

He had two forms: child and spider-like monstrosity (making him a Were-Spider). He was born with an extreme hunger as a result of his accelerated growth. His spider form consumed energy much quicker than the child form, but was also much more dangerous.

Role in the Dark Tower SeriesEdit

He was conceived with help from a Demon Elemental (disguised as an Oracle) and the Speaking Demon. The Oracle-disguised Elemental took Roland's sperm in The Gunslinger and the Speaking Demon implanted it in Susannah in The Waste Lands. The baby was transferred ("faxed") to Mia using one of the machines in the Dogan.

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Baby Mordred

After Susannah and Mia were brought to the Fedic Dogan, Mia delivered Mordred. Mordred's first act was to eat his mother. During Susannah's escape, she shot one of his spider legs off. He sought refuge within the tunnels and was brought nourishment by Nigel.

Walter O'Dim attempted to manipulate him by getting a hold of his birthmarked spider leg to open the door of the Dark Tower. When Mordred met Walter, the young spider boy sensed his intentions and proceeded to kill him in a rather brutal manner.

Mordred would later eat the remains of Dandelo and his horse Lippy. Unknown to Mordred, these remains were poisonous. He was greatly weakened by his illness.
Modred Spider

Transforming Mordred

While pursuing Roland and Oy, he heard his red father, The Crimson King, talking to him telepathically from the blacony of the Dark Tower. He told him to kill the last of Ka-tet and then he could rule the chaos with him at his side after the Tower fell. However, he was slain by Roland in the fields of Can'-Ka No Rey, with the help of Oy, who gave his life to warn and protect Roland.

Mordred in Arthurian LegendEdit

Mordred Deschain is based upon the Arthurian Legend of Mordred le Fay. Mordred Le Fay was the illegitimate son of the famous King Arthur and Arthur's half-sister, Morgan Le Fay. Morgan taught Mordred to hate his father. Mordred Le Fay is known as the traitor who, at the Battle of Camlann, fought Arthur and mortally wounded him. In the process, Mordred himself was killed.

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