Susannah's 'Others'

Odetta Holmes - Susannah Dean - Detta Walker

Odetta Holmes
Detta Walker (co-personality)

Daniel Holmes (father)
Alice Holmes (mother)

Moses Carver (god-father)

Odetta Holmes is one of the alternate personalities of Susannah Dean. Odetta was the original name that the woman was born with. She was a kind civil rights activist, in contrast to Detta Walker. At the end of The Drawing of the Three, Odetta and Detta Walker were forced to recognize each other's existence and combined to create the personality of Susannah.

During her time as Odetta, Susannah was the daughter of Daniel Holmes, a very wealthy and important black man. This allowed Odetta to live a better life compared to other blacks of her time, but her life was still riddled with personal tragedy. When she was eight, Jack Mort dropped the brick on her head that would cause the personality split of Detta Walker to come forward.

Later, Jack Mort would strike again, pushing her in front of a train at Christopher Street Station, causing Odetta to lose her legs. Her final embarrasment would come when white supremacists locked her in a cage.

Once brought into Mid-World, Odetta fell in love with Eddie Dean.

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