This artwork was created by Jessica on DeviantArt

The Rose is the other nexus of reality separate from the Dark Tower. It exists in the Keystone World and can be found in New York City, on the corner of Second and Forty-Sixth in a vacant lot.

It is dusky pink on the outside, fierce red on the inside and has a center as yellow as the sun.

The Rose is similar to the ones found in the Can'-Ka No Rey in that it produces singing that is just barely audible. The Rose also has a limited power of healing. One man said that standing outside the fence cured his acne.

The Rose is vital to the health of the Tower itself. If the Rose were to die, the Tower would collapse. This is why it was essential for Roland Deschain and his ka-tet to acquire the vacant lot from Calvin Tower instead of the Sombra Corporation, who wanted to build condominiums on the site.

Roland and Eddie Dean eventually do obtain the lot from Calvin, and it is on the lot that the Tet Corporation's headquarters were built-to protect The Rose for Roland.