Stuttering Bill
Maintenance Robot
Andy (Asimov Robot)
Nigel (Asimov Robot)

Stuttering Bill is the name of an android made by North Central Positronics whose primary function is maintenance. The character shares its name with Bill Denbrough aka Stuttering Bill from Stephen King's novel, It. The addition of "Stuttering" to his name was done by Dandelo and as the name suggests, he has a malfunction that causes him to stutter; a stutter that can only be corrected by banging himself on the head. He serves a functionary robot at Tower Outpost 19, but would also make trips into Empathica to help repair Dandelo's generator. He is one of two friendly androids encountered in the series, the other appearing during Mordred Deschain's birth whose name was Nigel.

He has the ability to repair his stutter, but was ordered not to by Dandelo, but Roland and Susannah allowed him to fix it. He offered to take Susannah, Oy, Patrick Danville, and Roland on the last leg of their journey to the Tower in under three days on his powered sled. Roland declines, feeling that they are supposed to make the journey on foot.

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