Dark Tower The Gunslinger - The Battle of Tull Vol 1 1 Textless

The Battle of Tull

The Battle of Tull is a battle that took place between Roland and the townspeople of Tull. The battle was first told in The Gunslinger and also became a comic published by Marvel.

Chapter 1: The GunslingerEdit

In the first chapter of The Gunslinger, Roland tells some of his story to Brown. In his story he recalls the events that took place in Tull that lead him to kill all the towns people (thirty nine men, fourteen women and five children for a total of fifty eight citizens).

The preacher, Sylvia Pittston, turns the town against Roland by claiming he is The Interloper or, the Anti-Christ.

Roland is then forced to kill his lover, Allie, and while the town pursues Roland (trying to kill him) he ends up killing them all.

The Battle of TullEdit

In the Marvel season of The Dark Tower entitled "The Battle of Tull" it is based on the same events mentioned in The Gunslinger.

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