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Fall of Gilead chapter5

The Fall of Gilead #5 Comic Cover

It begins with a flashback to Arthur Eld showing him building Gilead and installing it with many traps in-case the city was ever to be attacked.

Steven Deschain returns with only Christopher Johns, the only survivors of the battle with Justus. He orders the city to ready for battle. He asks his son to be released then realizes he is free.

Christopher finds Laird De Curry dead and is killed by Gilead's Guards.

Steven retrieves the plans of Gilead looking over the ancient traps Arthur Eld created. A guard appears and they fight, both of them dying.

Alain find his father dead and Roland finds his fathers corpse.

It is left to the Gunslinger Apprentices to defend the city. Roland receives the Sandalwood Guns and the Horn of Eld.


Fall of Gilead chapter5 varient1 Fall of Gilead chapter5 varient2

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