The Gunslinger and the Darkman is the fourth and the final chapter of The Gunslinger.

Roland kept up his pursuit of the Man in Black, until they met. After a long confabulation, the Blackman read Roland's fortune in the cards. The first card was "The Hanged Man". The second was "The Sailor". The third and fourth were "The Prisoner" and "The Lady of Shadows", respectively. The fifth card was "Death" ("Yet not for you", added the Blackman). The sixth card was "The Tower".

The seventh and last card was "Life" ("But not for you", added again the Blackman, enigmatically). After the fortune reading, the Blackman told Roland to sleep, and he slept for a thousand years but for him, it all passed in one long and troubled dream. He woke up ten years older, and the blackman was just a laughing skull in his side.

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