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Journey Begins 4

The Journey Begins #4 Comic Cover

Once again we find Roland Deschain and John's Billy-Bumbler in one of Gilead's kitchens. Roland stares down at the word "RIGRET" and although the spelling isn't right, Roland feels that Hax regrets his sins, but it's too late. Roland and John's Bumbler leave Gilead fearing that there are other ghosts haunting the ruins like his father, mother, or maybe even Susan Delgado. While telling John's Bumbler all this, The Man In Black comes. Roland tries to shoot him but The Man In Black sets the bullets on fire and tells Roland that his assistance (The Man In Black) will be needed to reach Roland's destiny. He then vanishes.

After some time of travelling Roland and John's Bumbler reach Kingstown. Roland asks around the crowd about the where abouts of The Man In Black, to no avail. He then sees what he believes to be Susan Delgado, but she leaves. In the town square, the citizens begin to hang a Not-Man, but he escapes even though Roland tries to stop him.

In a pub called Traveller's Rest, Roland is sitting when he sees the Susan Delgado look alike again, also named Susan, who is a waitress at the pub. They discuss the presence Not-Men, Farson, and Farson's Dogan that is located outside town.

In the middle of the night Susan is kidnapped by a Not-Man, leaving her mother, Widow Black, screaming out the window in desperation.

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