Todash is a state of being that allows someone to travel between universes. It is not a common state and is usually triggered by a powerful event or object. The todash state is usually accompanied by the "kammen" or chimes, which produce an unpleasant sound similar in effect to a thinny.

Alain Johns goes todash twice when he enters Maerlyn's Grapefruit to try and save Roland's soul which is trapped inside.

There are several ways that a person can "go todash". One of these ways is to locate a bend of Maerlyn's Rainbow. These glasses can all send someone into another world, but Black Thirteen is the most likely to do so. Todash occurs in certain circumstances when someone dies, an experience shared by Jake Chambers and Donald Callahan. A final way to go todash is by finding the "highways in hiding" or the "todash highway". These are paths that are usually hidden to passerby, but some people, like Callahan, are called to them. They lead to worlds just next door, where only a few details are different, like Spiro Agnew or someone named Chadbourne becoming president of the United States.

Going todash is very dangerous. It is possible to get stuck between worlds in the "todash darkness", where the todash monsters dwell. It is possible to reduce this danger by keeping your destination in mind and by travelling with company.

Being in the todash state imparts certain abilities. It allowed Eddie Dean to walk through a locked door in The Manhattan Restaurant of the Mind. It also allows a person to see the vagrant dead.

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