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Treachery chapter5

Treachery #5 Comic Cover

Roland Deschain, Cuthbert Allgood and Alain Johns discuss the upcoming feast to celebrate them being made gunslingers and of the women who will be made to sit next to them during the feast. These girls being their prospective brides chosen by their fathers. Roland reveals he will be seated with Aileen Ritter. Roland says he needs no one save the ghost of his love Susan Delgado.

Gabrielle Deschain meets with Justus in the woods outside Gilead. A man called Kingson appears giving a dagger, which is supposed to be used to kill her husband. Justus also informs her about Maerlyn's Grapefruit and that she must retrieve it from Steven's Safe.

Abel Vannay readies the riddles for the upcoming celebration with Cort asking if they will prove a challenge for him this year. He locks them away when Kingson turns up condemning Abel as too old to stay as riddle master. He and Cort leave, talking of how they distrust him. Cort leaves Abel to backtrack and witnesses Kingson replacing Abel's riddles with his own. Cort wonders why Charles recommended him.

Charles has been captured by Farson's men and was made to watch as his wife was raped and his unborn child ripped from her womb. Charles loses his mind and is nothing but an empty shell when they finally kill him.

Steven Deschain announces he will be giving his sandalwood guns to Roland and that the celebrations will commence. He asks Gabrielle to dance with him and she says she will once she has gone and composed herself. Kingson corners her to remind her that she must kill her husband even though it now appears she wishes not to.


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