Federico Puricelli

  • I live in Argentina
  • I was born on March 29
  • I am Hombre
  • Federico Puricelli

    NOTE: Initially, I was going to write this on the Stephen King Wiki, but it turned out this Wiki is a lot more visited. Anyway, I'll talk.

    Recently, I’ve been wondering what could happen if author Stephen King would unite most of his heroes and antiheroes into one big adventure. So, I’ve been making a list a number of protagonists of the works of the author, but I don’t know how this team would be formed. There are a few ways:

    1. There could be SEVEN members in this new ka-tet, the gunslinger is the center (as the Tower) and the other six represent the Beams, or…
    2. There could be THIRTEEN members: besides the gunslinger, the other twelve as the new guardians (similar to the twelve animals or Maerlyn's Rainbow).
    3. As you already want, the ka-tet can b…
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