Hello everyone. Sorry I have been a bit inactive for a while. I have been a bit busy at work and just life in general. I have been checking the site at least once a day, however.

I just wanted to ask a favor to those who are editing articles. Let's try to wikifi every article. I know this sounds like a silly word so I will explain. Pages subject names should always be written in the overview section of the article. They should always be Bold and should give the most general description of the subject matter. Articles that can be interlinked should be for more context on the subject. Just make sure not to use a link twice for the same subject. For example the first time Roland is mentioned in an article one should make a link to the page. The second time it is unnecessary. This is just a simple way to make the wiki look more uniform and professional. Remember this is an encyclopedia and should be written as such.

I have gone through most of the articles today to make sure this is done so this mostly pertains to created articles(which we need many Let me know your thoughts on this blog and feel free to ask any questions.

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