• Sgt. Frog

    No DT Movie Again?

    June 20, 2011 by Sgt. Frog

    Hey so I was reading a bit about the Dark Tower movie and found an article posted yesterday June 18, 2011. Ron Howard might walk away from the project, which might cause Universal to just scrap the idea. It's not confirmed it's just rumors but the movie is already on hold so it doesn't mean much to them. What are your thoughts? Would you be mad if they cancelled the movie or would you be relieved?

    Article is found here by the way

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  • Sgt. Frog

    Wait, What?

    June 4, 2011 by Sgt. Frog

    Okay, so I read the Javier Bardem is playing Roland...I'm not okay with it but I'm not gonna bitch about how we should make a time machine and grab Clint Eastwood or combine his DNA with Stephen King's because for some weird reason in Song of Susannah he looks like Stephen King. This is not the point of this article. I read that Jennifer Carpenter from Exorcism of Emily Rose and Dexter is going to play Susannah....Wait, What? I then read comments about how Susannah is a teen when Roland (who is a teen too) and her meet. Wait, What? Am I a complete idiot that doesn't know what I'm reading? I thought Susannah was black and was Eddie's wife and SUSAN was Roland's early love. I can buy Ms. Carpenter (or is she still marreid to Michael C. Hall?…

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  • Sgt. Frog

    Favorite DT Artists

    March 22, 2011 by Sgt. Frog

    I know no one is really on here right now but whenever traffic does pick up it might really be cool to do this so I'm gonna start it and maybe make it a page on here or something but for now it's just this. Who are your favorite artists for the series of books (favorite to least). If you haven't seen any look it up on the web there's lots of them mine are:

    1. Michael Whelan-Just plain awesome for both books he did.

    2. Bernie Wrightson

    3. Ned Dameron

    4. Phil Hale

    5. Darrel Anderson-Cool pictures don't get me wrong but I didn't feel they fit with the series.

    6. Dave McKean

    Now you tell me yours.

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