Okay, so I read the Javier Bardem is playing Roland...I'm not okay with it but I'm not gonna bitch about how we should make a time machine and grab Clint Eastwood or combine his DNA with Stephen King's because for some weird reason in Song of Susannah he looks like Stephen King. This is not the point of this article. I read that Jennifer Carpenter from Exorcism of Emily Rose and Dexter is going to play Susannah....Wait, What? I then read comments about how Susannah is a teen when Roland (who is a teen too) and her meet. Wait, What? Am I a complete idiot that doesn't know what I'm reading? I thought Susannah was black and was Eddie's wife and SUSAN was Roland's early love. I can buy Ms. Carpenter (or is she still marreid to Michael C. Hall? I don't know) as Allie maybe but not as Susan and definitely not Susannah. The more I read about this movie the more confused I get. Is Ron Howard going to rape this book like Michael Bay did to....well EVERYTHING he ever touched? If this is going to be how the movie goes down with Ms. Carpenter as Susan or Susannah, I'm going to pass and not even bother with it. Tell me your thoughts.

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