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  • Stan Richards of Windsor

    Issue #3

    July 2015

    Stan Richards

    <<< Issue 3 >>>

    The adaptation of The Gunslinger are now in planning stages! Not much else has been revealed about the long-awaited project other than "some characters that appeared in King's other 50+ works will indeed appear", as stated by the Deadline.

    Stephen King may have not released any Dark Tower novels, or stated that he will, but other novels are on their way, including 'End of Watch', and it is known that King has many ties to the Dark Tower in other works.

    Other than that, the comics move forward, still with House of Cards, with the last issue released on July 15th.

    When users get the chance, they should welcome Skoldpadda as our newest, and third admin! So far he has done fantastic work, such as addin…

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  • Stan Richards of Windsor

    Issue #2

    May 2015

    Stan Richards

    <<< ISSUE #2 >>>

    The speculative project for a series of Dark Tower Movies is finally moving forward! A month after Stephen King announced that the series will be done in live action format, albeit an unknown time frame, it was announced that MRC and Sony Pictures would be co-finance the project. With financing originally jumping to Warner to these to groups, one can hope that it will last so that the project can finally come to realization. The planned idea is to have Sony make a series of films, and MRC a television exclusive.

    That being said, Nikolaj Arcel, acclaimed director of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, among other works is rumored to be the choice to direct the series.

    Following Robin Furth's first set …

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  • Stan Richards of Windsor

    Issue #1

    March 2015

    Stan Richards

    Sometime ago Robin Furth, writer of the much acclaimed Dark Tower Comics imprinted by Marvel Comics claimed that The Journey Begins would probably be the last Dark Tower comic done. However, with such a wanted series, that statement did not last, and so The Gunslinger comics were produced. Once again, after the run, Robin Furth and the creative team claimed it was time to hang up the towel.

    Well, looks like they're at it again! Not long after adapting the first book into a series of fifteen comics, this process is also being done to The Drawing of the Three. We now have the collected edition of The Prisoner (Comics), that was release on March 10th, and contains the five comics in the run.

    Be sure to pick up you…

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  • Stan Richards of Windsor

    It has recently been brought to my attention by my faith right hand, NickP96 , that we have recently had an issue with users/outsiders angered and distressed that we are using their images without permission.

    Now, this does not give us a real legal  issue, it does give us a trust and community issue. 

    For the community, as a whole, what this means is that as we use images, especially those that are fanworks obtained online, a user should ask permission from the poster/author. If the poster/author does not respond in a week, I would say it should be okay to use it here.

    Even I use this process. I even went so far as to email Gregory Hill when his images were release for the Dark Tower Movie (mind you I got no reply back from Mr. Hill). 


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  • Stan Richards of Windsor

    The Last Shot #1

    News from the top of the Tower to you

    I am officially returning to the site, as I know I've been lacking in my contribution here. Nick has done a fantastic job keeping an eye out around here, but I need to keep my promise to all you Tower fans, seeing as I gave this site the face-lift it needed, and fans deserve to have the best Tower site around.

    I will be monitoring activity again, as well as keeping the site up to date. Which brings me to:

    Once again, it's time for us to undergo some slight aesthetic changes around here, which will happen in the next few weeks. Nothing major, but it will make the site more unique like when I changed the search bar and title bar.

    Be on the look out for the new official Dark Tower Wiki page, w…

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