We have now reached 149/366 of our intended quotes. (Mind you, I'm factoring in the quarterly Feb. 29th).

Up to now, it has only been me and Tom that have been adding quotes to the Archive. I would greatly appreciate if more people would help. There has to be plenty of good quotes that me and Tom are missing. We are doing a fair job, but there have been days when we missed a quote or we had to settle for a less-than-great one.

Please, if you can, sumbit some of your favourite quotes by using the following format (when creating a quote page): The Dark Tower Wiki:Quote of the Day/## Month. Then, once you start editing the page scroll down (under templates) to "choose more templates" and add "Quote" under the most frequently used template list. From there, enter your quote into the box that is titled #2, and the character (or author, band, actor) that said it in #3 (use square brackets around their FULL name to link to their page, as well. Also, if it about a particular subject, put the subject in box #4.


For example: Create Page= The Dark Tower Wiki:Quote of the Day/18 February

Editing Page= Choose Quote Template


3= Stan Richards (with square brackets)

4= Not having enough quotes

Would come out as such:


-Stan Richards on Not having enough quotes


Then simply go into Quote of the Day:Archive and insert the quote under the appropriate character. The proper way to insert the quote template can be seen by selecting "Source" when editing the Archive.

Thanks for your assistance to the community. Respect the Tower.

Long Days and Pleasant Nights,

Stan Richards

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