This blog will keep track of all major poll results. This blog will only keep track of the most voted for/least voted for options.

The Books

The Wind Through the Keyhole

We asked: What did you think of The Wind Through the Keyhole?

Community Answered: (Majority of 637): Awesome Read! || (Minority of 12): Awful, waste of time.

The Low Down: Despite not being about the actual quest for the Tower, diehard fans still enjoyed The Wind Through the Keyhole. Coupled together, only 43 voters chose options of not liking the book. Stephen King will most likely expand the Dark Tower Universe, if positive feedback like this continues.

Favourite Character

We asked: Who was your favorite character of the series?

Community Answered: (Majority of 298): Roland Deschain  || (Minority of 7): Mordred Deschain

The Low Down: Well, it's no surprise that everyone loves the main anti-hero of the series. Although he can seem crude and heartless at times, we all feel for Roland. Eddie rolled in second at 93. Looks like Mordred doesn't have many supporters (doesn't help he killed some very big players in the series), and even the "Other" section beat Mordred with 13 votes.

In other Media

Dark Tower Movie Casting (Roland)

We asked: Who do you think should play Roland Deschain in the Dark Tower Movie?

Community Answered: (Majority of 322): Other. || (Minority of 6): Daniel Craig

The Low Down: From the poll it seems that everyone has their own opinon on who should play Roland. Both Russell Crowe and Javier Bardem (current actor and previous actor respectivily), didn't match up anywhere close to the Other option. Roland is an important character, and many envision him differently. I personally see him as he is in my display picture, but others would say Roland is harder looking. I personally have no idea who would be best to potray Roland. Of course, in his prime, Clint Eastwood would be perfect. But I prefer Bardem over Crowe.

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