Last Shot
Issue #2

May 2015

Stan Richards

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A1 Dark Tower Film Adaptation

The speculative project for a series of
Nikolaj Arcel

Nikolaj Arcel

Dark Tower Movies is finally moving forward! A month after Stephen King announced that the series will be done in live action format, albeit an unknown time frame, it was announced that MRC and Sony Pictures would be co-finance the project. With financing originally jumping to Warner to these to groups, one can hope that it will last so that the project can finally come to realization. The planned idea is to have Sony make a series of films, and MRC a television exclusive.

That being said, Nikolaj Arcel, acclaimed director of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, among other works is rumored to be the choice to direct the series.

A2 Dark Tower in Print

Following Robin Furth's first set of adaptations for The Drawing of the Three, The Prisoner, House of Cards further tells the second novel's tale. Four of the five comics are out, and will be updated on the site when they are re-released.


B1 Bring on the Polls

The newest polls will be available on the homepage very shortly. We'll ask - and the fans will answer- two questions. The questions for June - July 2015 are: 'Who is best suited to play Roland Deschain in the upcoming adapations of the Dark Tower', and, 'What is your favorite Dark Tower location'. Stay tuned!

For results for our last two questions, 'Who is your favorite character in the series', and, 'How should the Dark Tower be adapted', see the last issue!

B2 'The Nineteenth Re'-cycle

My personal long abandoned project, The Nineteenth Cycle will be revitalized this week! It doesn't have a massive following, but there are a few users that want to see the story unfold, so from here on out, a new section will be added at least once a week. Remember, users can also write their own fan-fiction there as long as it adheres to the guidelines.

C Administrative Request

C1 Requested Actions

I am looking for assistance still to help repair the Quote of the Day feature on the main page, as it seems the Crimson King has taken it over.

C2 Requested Positions

We still need one admin, and two peacekeepers. Message myself or Nick for details.

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